19 Best WordPress News Themes for Your News Websites
In the world of websites, there is never enough customization. And rightly so, there are tens of thousands of WordPress news themes available online designed to make your newspaper website look awesome. But, there are some that are better than the others. In a relentless quest to dig out the best free news WordPress themes, we’ve organized a list of the best ones. But what makes this list intriguing is the fact that every theme you’ll see here is not just beautiful and purposeful, but free as well. Now that we have your attention, let’s begin;

1. SuperMag

2. ionMag

3. BfastMag

 4. EditorialMag

5. MagazineHoot

6. Advanced Magazine

 7. ReviewZine

8. IsleMag

 9. Magbook

10. NewsPro

11. GreatMag

 12. NewsAnchor

13. Fashionista

 14. Heuman

15. WorldPlus

16. Onfleek

17. The Fox

18. Zox News

19. Tana

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